New brand identity and website redesign for a psychoanalyst

Vivian Ragnane


Graphic Designer
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Brand Identity


Vivian Ragnane



Vivian Ragnane is a psychoanalyst from São Paulo who receives her patients both in presence and virtually. Vivian asked me to design her brand and to re-design her website that explains her approach and solves common doubts about psychoanalysis.

Creation of the brand

Starting from the phrase “Espaço para desenhar sua linha” (space to draw your line) that opens its website, I thought of using a line as a graphic element that characterizes the identity of Vivian. I drew a line that bends on itself several times, as does our thinking, and I integrated it into the logo.

The goal of the brand is to attract attention and generate curiosity of the observer. The line was then used as an animated graphic element within the pages of the website.

Positive version of the new logo of Vivian Ragnane, psychoanalyst
Negative version of the new logo of Vivian Ragnane, psychoanalyst

Design and construction of the website

For Vivian’s website I covered the whole figure of the web designer. I was indeed responsible of:

  • the graphic design
  • the user experience design
  • the technical operation of the site
  • the creation of web pages with WordPress.

The graphic design of the site is minimal and elegant and wants to communicate tranquility and balance.

A detail that I particularly like about the graphic is the animated line that draws always different shapes around a red circle. The red circle (the only color present on the site, that is strictly black and white) represents balance, the thing that every person who decides to turn to a* psychoanalyst aspires to meet.

Design system of the website of Vivian Ragnane, psicoanalista

Final thoughts

This is my second chance to work alongside a self-employed, mental health professional. Each time I received great satisfaction both from the final product and the relationship established with the client. The humanity, the support, the dialogue and the collaboration I found in the two of them were fundamental in achieving the final result.

The next step in Vivian’s website is to open the blog section, which will help it position itself better in the search engines.

Example of an animation of the website of Vivian Ragnane, psychoanalyst