Leaflet and poster for language classes

Les Cultures Odv


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Les Cultures Odv



Les Cultures Odv is a non-partisan and non-profit organization situated in Lecco (Lombardy, Italy) that works for socio-cultural integration of migrant citizens, international cooperation and cultural promotion. Since various years organizes foreign language classes held by native speakers.

Les Cultures Odv asked me to design and realize the visual communication of the project, which includes a leaflet and a poster.

The beauty of languages and cultures

The leaflet is squared (15×15 cm) and is composed by 4 page facades. It opens with a mosaic of smiling faces. I’ve thought about this graphic solution to visually attract the user and to communicate a message. In fact, a smile warms the soul of the observer and the effect is multiplicated if the smiles are multiplicated too!

Leaflet for Les Cultures Odv's language classes

Then, smiling is an action of the mouth, that is the medium by which humans express and communicate. So, knowing more languages and cultures helps the spirit’s wellbeing because it creates new possibilities.

Front page of the leaflet for Les Cultures Odv's language classes
Front page of the leaflet
Second page facade of the leaflet for Les Cultures Odv's language classes
Second page facade of the leaflet

A man who speaks one language worth a man; a man who speaks two worth two men; a man who speaks three worth the entire humanity

This African saying has been given to me by Les Cultures Odv. I’ve decided to insert it in the second facade of the leaflet, as an introduction to the classes details.
The poster has the same graphic and contents of the leaflet.

Poster for Les Cultures Odv's language classes

Final thoughts

I love to work for realities that are engaged in the third sector, as Les Cultures Odv. Every time I design and realize graphics for a service that helps people I feel good. My empathy and my generosity are indulged and my personal satisfaction doubles up.
This was one of the firsts projects I did for Les Cultures and soon I realized how thinking about other people’s wellbeing stimulates me.