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Les Cultures Odv is a non-partisan and non-profit organization situated in Lecco (Lombardy, Italy) that works for socio-cultural integration of migrant citizens, international cooperation and cultural promotion. On the occasion of UNAR‘s “XVI week of action against racism”, Les Cultures Odv organized “Parole come pietre: week of action against fake news, hate speech and racism”. The project included a series of events and meetings about fake news, hate speech, social media and their ability to feed verbal violence and exclusions based on gender, belonging to a minority, sexual orientation, etc.

Les Cultures Odv asked me to design and realize the visual communication for the project, which included: a poster, an informative flyer and pictures for the cover of events in Facebook and for Facebook and Instagram posts.

Flyer for Les Cultures Odv's project "Parole come pietre"
Flyer for the project "Parole come pietre"
Instagram post for Les Cultures Odv's "Parole come pietre"
Instagram post for the event "The Milky Way" of Les Cultures Odv's project "Parole come pietre"
Facebook post for Les Culture Odv's project "Parole come pietre"

Instagram and Facebook posts for the project “Parole come pietre”

A night of Les Cultures Odv's project "Parole come pietre"
A night of the project "Parole come pietre"

Final thoughts

I’m proud to have participated in this project with lots of local and national realities engaged for the defense of human’s rights. I’m really committed to social themes, so this was a great opportunity that I want to repeat in the future.